Bunny Hoops!

Bunny Hoops!


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In times of crisis, the world needs more games!  Wits End is pleased to offer Bunny Hoops as a new print and play game designed by Aaron Lambert with art by Andrew Bosley.


The day has finally come. The Bunnies Everywhere Show of Talent is here and you, the greatest bunny magician ever to pull a rabbit from a hat, have been training your colony of color-changing, hoop-jumping bunnies all year long.

But you’re not the only one.

The competition is fierce and those other tricksters will stop at nothing to foil your plans and distract your well-trained bunnies. Your reputation, and the Golden Ears award is on the line.  It’s time to get your bun-buns in gear and show the world that those other magicians are just a bunch of flops.


Bunny Hoops is a game with hoops, hops, and pieces that flip-flop. It shares similarities with the classic game of Chinese Checkers: players compete to be the first to move all of their pieces across the board, jumping their own pieces over other player’s in order to do so.


After purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email with a zipped file, containing the print and play cards and rules.  To play the game, you'll need to provide your own "coins" (M&Ms or dry macoroni work pretty good) and first player marker.  Hope you enjoy!