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Introducing Wits End!

So what is this Wits End Studios?!  In a nutshell, Wits End is the umbrella brand for all of my personal projects...past, present, and future.  There’s always something cooking in this weird old brain of mine. Some ideas have already become real things and some are still in development.  Wits End is where you’ll find the projects that have all my heart, soul, and what’s left of my brain.  

There’s lots that I’ll share over the next six months, but here’s are some quick bullet points to get the ball rolling...

#1...The keywords are “Personal“ and “Projects”.  I share lots of art for lots of projects...what’s the difference?  If it’s a Wits End project, it’s created by me, not a client.  I’m managing its development, its production, and certainly its art.  It’s earliest concept was probably fleshed out in an old Moleskine sketchbook along with a world and story.  And if it’s got the Wits End logo on it, it’s a real game, book, or ____ meant to be produced.  As such, it will have a schedule, plan, and delivery date.

#2...It’s a tabletop-centric company.  While Wits End projects are more than just board games, that is definitely their focus.  I love board games!  I’ve been playing and building board games all my life.  And working professionally in this industry, with some of the biggest names in the business, has given me a unique opportunity to glean knowledge and best practices from the people who know it all. 

#3...Wits End and Andrew Bosley are the same thing.  Maintaining my freelance career and promoting my personal brand both demand their own dedicated marketing efforts.  But I’m only one person, and I intend to stay one person (for so many reasons).  To make it possible to manage communication and news, Wits End will be wrapped into my professional website,, as well as my various social media accounts.  So, for example, if you’re a subscriber to my current newsletter/website, you’re a subscriber to Wits End.  While I hope that most of my fans will be excited about both categories of art, I’ll do my best to distinguish Wits End art and news from my normal professional info.

Important Disclaimer:  I have big ambitions for Wits End!  But one thing I’ve learned from experience is the need for a slow and steady pace.  And when I fail to remember this lesson on my own, reality hammers it into me anyway.  Balancing a hectic freelancing career, a large family, and various community responsibilities is not easy.  So the development of a Wits End project will march to the beat of its own drummer.  But it WILL march on!

I’m really excited to make share Wits End with you!  Your awesome support is what’s making it possible.  So thank you!  And there’s lots more to stay tuned!

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