What is Wits End Studios?

Wits End is the umbrella brand for all of my personal projects...past, present, and future.  There’s always something cooking in this weird old brain of mine. Some ideas have already become real things and some are still in development.  Wits End is where you’ll find the projects that have all my heart, soul, and what’s left of my brain.


Coming soon!

I've had a secret project in the works for several years and I'm finally able share some info. The project follows the adventures of the Smoking Bones Travel Company as they clash with magic, pirates, and troublesome travelers.  I've been developing the world for more than seven years and have lots of to share...when the time is right.  What I can tell you...

  • A game set in this world is being developed right now by an experienced designer team.

  • The game has been picked up by a very well-known publisher with plans to release soon.  Major art production beginning in the fall of 2021...and this will be an art heavy game :)

  • Prints from this world can already be purchased in my Shop...with more to come!



Update: In the last year, I've embraced the reality that I can't possibly create the worlds/stories/games/tools of Wits End AND publish them myself.  So, I'm focusing on what I do best and partnering with experienced publishers to get the projects out.  This will be the default for all Wits End least the game specific ones.  I'm currently in the discussions with potential publishing partners to help get the new Lightning & Bolt across the finish line and onto your tables!


"Lightning & Bolt is a cooperative tile matching game, with super heroes, robots, and extreme asymmetry.  In Lightning & Bolt, one player takes on the role of Lightning, the fast-flying, power-punching superhero, while the other takes on the role of Bolt, her towering robotic sidekick.  The city of Midtown is being terrorized by the Evil Doctor, and its up to Lightning & Bolt to swoop in and save the day!


Lightning’s mechanics are fast, simple, light on rules, and high on fun.  Bolt’s mechanics are more complex and require more finesse - but once you get Bolt’s engine running and software upgraded, the Evil Doctor had better watch out! 

Lightning & Bolt is a truly unique gateway game experience for kids and adults!"

More to come!  Stay tuned!

There's lot going on at Wits End! If you'd like to help with this or any upcoming Wits End projects, send me an email!