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SBTC Launch Poster #3 - "Aproaching the Shelf" (signed)

SBTC Launch Poster #3 - "Aproaching the Shelf" (signed)

$30.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price

"After the cease fire, those Withermark loyalists unwilling to submit, numbering in the thousands, were exiled and stranded on the Silver Shelf, a floating, cloud-enveloped island wandering in the Deep above the Northlands. The Shelf could sustain life, but, at that altitude, it was hard. The Marks were left without a means to escape and a balloon guard was set up around the Shelf in order to keep an eye on the exiles."  - exerpt from The Northlands: A Comprehensive History


This is the third in a series of three launch posters for the Smoking Bones Travel Company.  Captain Red Jones is on a mission and he'll go wherever he's needed to fulfill it.  Even beyond the Shallows to the vast Deep.  The poster is printed on thick 11x17" archival cardstock with a smooth satin finish.  And signed, of course!


And every order comes with an exclusive Wits End sticker!

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