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Smoking Bones - The Great Firefly Hunt Poster (Signed)

Smoking Bones - The Great Firefly Hunt Poster (Signed)


"There’s nothing magical about the giant creatures of Highmore Woods. No, when you step into these woods, it’s you that becomes the wonder. A very tiny wonder. The twists of scale found in Highmore have become the foundation of many local traditions. But the Great Firefly Hunt is the oldest and most legendary."  - Wonders of the Northlands Vol. 1


This poster is part of the world of Smoking Bones Travel Company.  An illustration of one of the many Wonders you might experience when you take a grand tour with the SBTC.  The poster is printed on 11x17 11x17 archival paper with a satin finish.  And signed, of course!


And every order comes with an exclusive Wits End sticker!

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